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Building Notices

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  • Heliatek and Triflex offer system for solar power and roof renovation 11/27/2023
  • NIF achieves record laser energy 11/23/2023
  • Nichia starting in-house production of high-power red laser diodes 11/23/2023
  • RoboSense claims acceleration in automotive lidar sales 11/23/2023
  • UC Berkeley, NKT Photonics, Thorlabs platform sees details of neural activity 11/22/2023
  • Photonic crystals formed over time in ancient Roman glass 10/23/2023
  • Einstein’s tea leaf paradox could help make aerogels 10/11/2023
  • Nanoscale device produces a stream of chiral single photons 10/6/2023
  • Attosecond pulses and quantum dots: exploring the physics behind this year’s Nobel prizes 10/5/2023
  • Quantum dot pioneers win Nobel Prize for Chemistry 10/4/2023
  • [ASAP] Wearable and Cost-Effective Pressure Sensor Based on a Carbon Nanotube/Polyurethane Sponge for Motion Detection and Gesture Recognition 11/28/2023
  • [ASAP] Two-Dimensional Effects of Ni-Based Metal–Organic Framework Materials on Electrochemical Actuators 11/28/2023
  • [ASAP] Two Degrees of Freedom in Two Directions Structure Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Vibration Energy Harvesting and Self-Powered Sensing 11/27/2023
  • [ASAP] Magnetoelectric Functionality of Ni–Mn–In-Encapsulated AlN/Ni–Mn–In/Ni-Graded Heterostructure for Flexible Magnetic Field Sensor 11/27/2023
  • [ASAP] Flexible CNT-MXene-CNT Film with Low Surface Conductance for High- and Low-Power Electromagnetic Absorption Protection 11/26/2023