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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

IowaNow: Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering professors receive NSF RAPID grant for novel COVID-19 testing technologies 6/16/2020
  • Engineering and public health collaboration leads to NSF RAPID grant on PPE materials which capture and kill pathogens 5/26/2020
  • NADS does serious driving research 3/10/2020
  • Chemical engineering student receives Fulbright Mitacs Globalink award 3/4/2020
  • UI research is at the cutting edge of automated vehicle research 1/8/2020
NPR News
  • 300,000 Deaths By December? 9 Takeaways Of The Newest COVID-19 Projections 8/6/2020
  • Sweden Records Largest GDP Drop Since 1980, But Outperforms Many Other EU Countries 8/6/2020
  • Pentagon Chief Esper Talks With Chinese Counterpart As Tensions Soar 8/6/2020
  • Gov. Says Florida's Unemployment System Was Designed To Create 'Pointless Roadblocks' 8/6/2020
  • Federal Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of Cliven Bundy Case 8/6/2020